Long Live Your Electronic Toy!

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Vibrator Last

You are watching TV and an advert comes on about this new state of the art appliance that you just need to own. That excitement only grows when you finally acquire it. Now don’t jump ahead, I don’t necessarily mean a vibrator, but it could be the latest cell phone or curling iron or even a universal remote that controls all of the appliances in your everyday life.
Now imagine you are trying to make a call on your new cell phone and nothing is working, or you are curling your hair for a big date that you have been looking forward to and the curling iron is as cold as the inside of your freezer, or even your amazing universal remote malfunctioning and causing all your other appliances to go haywire while you slam the thing against anything to make it work. That feeling of despair and helplessness and irritation washes over you because you need to replace your beloved appliance asap!
Vibrators are no different from these above mentioned appliances. They are made up of breakable parts and the more use it has the more likely it is to break, and I’m sure we do not want that to happen.
Like every other appliance, with proper care, your appliance could have a longer than average life span. Some women have been known to have their vibrators for years. How? Have a read through the useful tips on how to store and care for your vibrator to make your relationship with your electronic toy a long-lasting one.

The Vibrator’s Lifespan

Let’s remember that vibrators have a life span, which means that they are not made to last forever. The life span of your vibrator depends on various factors. Firstly, vibrators have motors inside them which make them vibrate and these motors can easily burn out. The life span of these battery-operated pals is dependent on the quality of the product and the care you put into it.
Generally speaking, a vibrator should last at least three months, taking into consideration the amount of use and care. Some of the better quality vibrators will exceed this expectation, and consider yourself to be lucky if it does. Keep in mind that majority of companies selling these battery operated boyfriends will not take returns on faulty vibrators. However there are companies that do have a 90 day quality guarantee.
Unfortunately vibrator duds do exist! So turn your new best friend on as soon as you buy it to make sure that he works properly and the motor is running smoothly so that you can sort the problem out as soon as possible.

Fun With Motors

On those cold wintery nights those who are lucky enough to have a portable heater will know that some models will do a great job of warming you up, and when the heater gets too warm it will shut off to preserve the motor. Vibrators on the other hand do not have this feature. They will either buzz until your toes are curling with pleasure or they will go until they burn out or break. Im quite sure that nobody would want the latter to occur.
To avoid the burn out it is recommended that the vibrator should not run for more than 30 minutes on low. On high speed it is recommended that it does not go over 15 ÔÇô 20 minutes. Keep in mind that these battery operated boyfriends have small motors that can easily burn out if used for extended periods of time.
With duel-action vibrators, you may want to be extra cautious as they are designed to function in multiple ways which can cause these little motors to burn out slightly faster than the regular ones.

Making the Most of Battery Power

The benefit of battery power is not having your friend needing to be near a wall plug to power him. However batteries have their own special needs which can help your friend to perform at his best.
Firstly, make sure that the batteries you are using are fresh. Older batteries will cause the motor to run slower and the result you are looking for may not be achieved. If the batteries have a film or residue on then try gently rubbing them with an eraser. If the batteries don’t seem to be working try giving them a little shake.
Remember to remove the batteries from your vibrator when you are done with your date. This will increase the life span of your batteries, it keeps the battery compartment clean and also reduce the risk of your vibrator being ruined by battery leakage.

Caring for Your Vibrator

Who wants to get up and clean after a session with your vibrator? However, taking the time to properly care for and store your toy can convert your fling to a lengthy romance.
Toys are made from different materials such as: jelly, silicone, plastic, or realistic material such as Cyberskin which all have different needs. Cleaning your friend could be a lengthy task to a simple wipe down with cleaner and warm water. Some research may be needed to find out the specific cleaning needs of your model.

  • CyberskinTMand Realistic Materials: These very porous toys require lots of care. Clean them with warm water and toy cleaner. Allow them to air dry completely and then brush them with a dusting of corn starch before storing in a dry, airtight place. For more information, see our complete┬áarticle┬áon realistic materials.
  • Silicone: Silicone is non-porous and nearly hypoallergenic, so you can use toy cleaner or soap and water. If your silicone toy is waterproof, you can even clean it in the dishwasher or submerge it in boiling water. Just make sure you allow it to air dry completely before storage. For more information, see our complete┬áarticleon silicone.
  • Jelly: Jelly is extremely porous and should be cleaned with toy cleaner and warm water. Allow it to air dry and be sure to store it in an airtight container.
  • Plastic, Acrylic or Glass: Plastic vibrators can be wiped down with basic rubbing alcohol after use, or cleaned with a warm washcloth and anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Dry with a clean towel afterwards for best results.

Another way of protecting your toy is to cover it with a condom during use. Switching condoms is vital if you are sharing your toy with a partner or switching orifices. All you have to do to clean up is to remove and safely dispose of the condom.
Storing your toy should also be a ritualistic as cleaning your toy. Clean and dry storage places would be best even if they vibrator is waterproof. Moisture can affect the motor and cause quicker deterioration of the motor.

The Quality Factor

Care is vital to the longevity of your vibrator, but the best way to ensure that you don’t run into too many problems is to make sure that you buy quality products. Buying a vibrator for R100 compared to buying one for R1000 makes all the difference. The R1000 toy will last longer because it is of better quality and is made to last, where the R100 vibrator’s quality is not as good.
But don’t fret over all of this, the important thing here is to enjoy, relax and let off some steam.┬á Vibrators are meant to make you happy and following these simple guidelines we can assure that they will do just that.

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