Yes, there’s such a thing as a nipple orgasm! It’s when someone is able to climax just from stimulating their nipples. For some it’s easy. For others, it requires a little more work.

The truth is that anyone can enjoy nipple play even if you don’t climax from it. It’s sensual, erotic and kinky in every situation. The good news is that there are also a variety of exciting sex toys you can use to enhance nipple play and bring you ever closer to experiencing epic nipple orgasms.

It’s all in the attitude

You have to relax and enjoy every second of nipple play. You cannot force it as if you’re wanking yourself.

If you’re not in the mood, then do something to make yourself horny as hell.

Once you’re feeling frisky, you’re in the right frame of mind to start playing with your nipples. If you’ve never done it before, then find a discreet and quiet place for you to explore yourself.

Learn what makes you scream

Yes, there are lots of toys out there to help stimulate your nipples but you have to first know what turns you on. When you are alone and are ready, start touching your nipples gently. Pinch, pull and stroke them. Lick your fingers and lubricate your nipples to make them slippery and wet. You can then glide your fingers over them slowly as stimulation.

It won’t take long for you to discover what feels good and what doesn’t. This will give you a good idea about what toys are the best for you.

Nipple suckers

Nipple suckers are little devices that create a sucking sensation on your nipples. When you use these bad boys while playing with yourself or your partner, it can very easily enhance your orgasm.

That means that even if you can’t orgasm just from nipple play alone, you can still make your orgasms more intense when you involve your nipples.

These Vibrating Dreams nipple suckers are perfect for creating that sucking stimulation with added vibrations.

Nipple clamps

A little bit of pain can bring a whole lot of pleasure. You would have discovered that if you played with yourself first to explore your tastes.

Nipple clamps are perfect for pinching your nipples just enough to leave you on the edge of climax.

These nipple clamps with rings are ideal to experiment with if you are a beginner. Later on, if you’re feeling kinky enough, you can attach other accessories to the rings, such as a chain.

How to play with someone’s nipples

If your partner wants some nipple fun, then there’s no reason to hesitate. Stimulating your partner’s nipples can be just as erotic and intense as having your own nipples stimulated.

You can either use the toys such as the ones mentioned above or use your mouth and hands to lick, taste and stroke your partner’s nipples.

The best option, however, is to use a combination of both toys and your mouth to stimulate and treat your partner’s nipples.

Start by gently licking and sucking their nipples until they are nice and hard. Then start to pinch and stroke them, stopping every now and again to continue sucking.

Now is the time to introduce a toy, such as a nipple sucker. You can use a nipple sucker on one of their nipples while you give your undivided attention to the other nipple. Then swap and repeat the process.

After a while, take out the clamps and use them to pinch and slowly pull at their nipples.

By the end of your session, both you and your partner would have felt like you’ve just had a marathon of sex.

Can men orgasm from nipple play?

Of course. Anyone who has nipples can enjoy nipple play and potentially orgasm from it. Climaxing isn’t guaranteed, but intense pleasure is.