Of all sex toys for men, cock rings are perhaps the most popular. Cock rings are functional, fashionable and funky. It’s time to get this adult toy and start enjoying their many benefits. You may have heard of them or seen them. But the question is, have you experienced them? They can give you stronger erections, help you last longer and give your penis a star-studded look.

Essentially a cock ring is designed to be placed around the base of your penis and restrict the flow of blood so that you can have stronger erections that last longer.

Cock Rings from A – Z 

Why would you wear a cock ring?

For starters, cock rings look fantastic. They come in many different designs that can all help you achieve a more seductive or kinky look for yourself or your partner. They can also help you achieve and keep an erection for longer. This means longer and harder sex or solo sessions. Beyond that, cock rings will also make your erections harder. Because of how cock rings restrict blood flow, your penis will be throbbing and ready for action.

How long can you wear a penis ring for?

You can wear a penis ring for as long as you need. They can stay on for the duration of your sex sessions without any damage to your penis. It may feel a bit strange at first, but once you get used to it you will never want to bang without one. You could also wear a cock ring under your clothes during the day. This can be just to feel kinkier or if you know that you’ll need it later.

When do you put on a cock ring?

Usually, you put a cock ring on just before sex, when your penis is still flaccid. This means that as your penis gets hard, the cock ring will restrict the flow of blood more and more. You can also wear a cock ring as you go about your normal daily activities. Just leave it on until as long as you feel comfortable.

TIP: When putting on a cock ring, it may be a little challenging to get it to the base of your penis. If so, just use a little bit of lubricant to slide it on easily.

What kinds of cock rings are there?

There’s a cock ring for every style. If you are interested in functionality, then you could go for something simple but effective like the Lust 3 Cock Rings. For something a little more robust and masculine, try the Boners Tyre Cock Ring. It will make you look like your penis is ready for action.

There are also cock rings that are more technical and kinkier. Take the Ro Zen Pro, for example. It has a vibrating prostate massager to make your sessions even more stimulating.

The Takeaway

If you want better erections or to have a kinkier sex life in general, then a cock ring is one way to do it.