Attraction 25 Spray

Attract women instantly! Amazing Pheromone Spray makes you irresistible to women and turns them into a non-stop sex machine!nHow would you like to get to first base every time with women? The scent that seems to attract women without them being aware of it.nWho Needs Attractant 25?


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n* Young men who are shy in their approach to women.n* Busy professional men who have lost confidence in approaching women.n* The lonely, desperate often rejected middle-aged man who wants success with women.n* Men of all ages in offices who are seeking out a particular woman.n* Men who have a physical handicap or who are unattractive to women yet want to “make-it” with an attractive girl.n* Men who do not have the money for fine clothes, cars and don’t want to pay a prostitute but would rather have a sexual experience or experiences with a beautiful woman.nQUESTION: How many sprays do you use??? ANSWER: That depends on how many girls you can handle!!!nPicture yourself walking into a room full of men and ladies. The guys are handsome, younger than you are, yet suddenly every lady in the room swarms around you and only you!!!nEnjoy life to the fullest! Keep Pheromone “Attractant 25” with you at all times! In any emergency! See a hot & sexy looking girl? 1. Give yourself a spray or two. 2. Just walk over to her (being sure to get close enough so she gets a whiff). 3. Watch out for some REAL ACTION!

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