Baile Twin Balls Pink

product brand: Baile [BAILE]
commodity weight: 66 grams
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    Step 1
    Isolate pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. This is the Kegel ball exercises muscle will work. Move as if you are trying to stop your urine midstream. The muscle that you contract is the PC muscle. This is the movement that ‘ll be taken when performing the exercises. It feels like squeezing or pulling the pelvic floor muscles towards the back. Alternatively, you can find the muscle by putting a finger in the vagina and squeezing down until you feel the PC muscle tighten.
    Step 2
    Insert the Kegel balls. Find a comfortable and relaxed position, such as sitting or standing, and gently push the balls into your vaginal opening. Stop just as you\’re completely, don\’t press to the back of the vagina or up near the cervix. Close the legs to help keep them in place while you position yourself for your exercises.
    Step 3
    Do the exercise sitting down. Sit with your legs still closed. Isolate the PC muscle and use it to try to move the balls back and forth. If you initially can\’t move the balls back and forth, focus on squeezing the balls and holding for a few seconds, then relaxing for a few seconds. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends performing Kegel exercises 10 times, three times a day.
    Step 4
    Perform the exercise standing up. The standing exercise uses the weight of the balls and the force of gravity to work your PC muscle. Stand up and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Use your PC muscle to keep the balls in her vagina. If you stop contracting your PC muscle, the balls fall out. Do this exercise three times a day, working more each time to keep the balls in place.
    step 5
    Perform the squat exercise. The squat exercise combines elements of both the sitting and standing exercises. Place your feet as far apart as possible. Slightly bend your knees to move into an easy squat. Use your PC muscle to both lock the Kegel balls in place and move them back and forth. Move into a deep squat to make the exercise more difficult.
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